Fleetwood Sound Company

Hi has anyone heard the new Fleetwood Sound Company new Deville speakers they look good and they have a life time Guarantee 
I have no dog in this fight, but feel that the conspiracy theorists about OMA don't know what they're talking about. These guys have been building and selling extreme high end stuff for ages. Their Technics SP10 plinths are highly regarded. They have a novel approach. Those familiar with Fern & Roby, who are newbies by comparison, might appreciate see some similarities in concepts. 
Vitas, the former lead designer for Veloce, the highly regarded amp/pre manufacturer that were in Harry Pearson's reference rig for some time, I'm told has been doing some work for OMA. 
Yes, their stuff is high priced in general, but that's no shocker when you consider the market they serve, the US costs, premium materials, etc. Check out the audiophiliac video, it's fun and spot on explaining this company. Cheers,

I honestly prefer my Fleetwood Deville over the Avantgarde duo that I used to own. My room was probably too small for the Duo and the Deville fit better but it’s also a little more than that. The Deville are not as in my face and a little more laid back. I feel like I get a little more warmth from my Fleetwood. I’m extremely happy with my Fleetwood Deville. 
Thanks Joe! That's some great feedback as I am looking for a high efficiency speaker that's not too big! 

My pleasure. They say 10wpc minimum but I’d aim a little higher. Main source is the Luxman 595 but I also have a Valvet E3 which is 12wpc at 8ohms and it’s absolutely awesome too. I don’t play loud so it’s enough for me and sounds amazing.