Fleetwood Mac Rumours reissue

I purchased the new?? Fleetwood Mac double CD Rumours with disc one being digitally remastered and disc two containing outtakes and modified versions of the same songs on the original album. My point is that the overall sound and fidelity of disc one is vastly improved over the original CD issued in 1990. Wow, a huge difference. Any Fleetwood Mac fans out there should pick this up. It's a classic !!
Is it being released on vinyl?
How does it compare to the DVD-A release?

Anyone done this?
I was really excited about the reissue when I found out about it so I bought it. I was blown away how bad it sounded to me. Yes the hiss/noise floor was quieter, but there was a major loss of dynamics and vocals seemed striped of life. The overall sound was drab and uninvolving. Once I put the old version in vocals were sweet, natural and real again. The soundstage opened back up and the loss of dynamics were gone. Hiss was back, but for me I did not mind. I still can't believe this and it makes me wonder how the new reissues that are out sound in comparison to the older versions.

Your description would have been my guess. I have not heard it but generally new remasters are additionally compressed to give the "hot" sound that is common today.

At low levels this will give the brief impression of more "edge, attack and detail"....but when you turn it up to normal listening levels you discover it is just "squashed" music with excessive amounts of distortion.

Since this has been my experience recently with other remasters and it sounds like you have identified this on this new remaster ....I'll stay away.

Thanks for the tip!
Shadorne, and anyone else for that fact, please let us know if you have compared a reissue/remaster to the old verision and what you thought. I was ready to load up on the reissues/remasters until I tried Rumours.
I have TOTO Essentials CD and it is mildly overcompressed - it still sounds ok but the 80's Grammy winning sound ain't quite there after Joseph M. Palmaccio squashed it.

Doug Sax did a good job on Aerosmith's box CD set of their first three ( this was initially released on SACD ) and the CD sounds the same quality.

Another good remaster is Bob Ludwig's work on the Stones....still lots of distortion (or it would not be Stones) but an imporovement, IMHO.
I agree with the starter of this thread. The remaster is better than the original redbook by a long shot. And yes, it is out on vinyl but I have not heard it yet. Remasters are a hit and miss game. Not all good and not all bad. I would say its about 80% that the remaster will improve greatly over 1980's redbook CDs.
Is the vinyl cut from the digital master or the analog master.
Not sure but Music Direct or Acoustic Sounds would know. My guess is yes because it came out after the remastered CD but it is worth checking. Good luck!
Bundy, Just compared the new release to the DVD-A.
The DVD-A is much more Dynamic. With much better depth and frequency extremes.
Too Bad the DVD-A is such a pain to use.
"Too Bad the DVD-A is such a pain to use."

I've got the original CD release from 1986 and the new remaster. They sound different but neither is terribly good. Both are too bright.

Buy 5 or 6 NM copies of the original WB release on vinyl (they're everywhere!) and play them all in a listening session and pick the best one. Then go away. Come back and play the remaining ones that you did not pick and pick the best. Then go away. Then play the two you chose back to back and pick your favorite.

Now compare that to any digital release and I promise you the vinyl will sound far better. It's not a bad pressing but it always sounds bright to me on CD. Not so on vinyl.

Sell off your other copies or give them as gifts. Then you've paid $5 to $8 for a great vinyl copy and can go buy some other new music.