Fleetwood Mac Rumours 96/24

Any comments on the new Fleetwood Mac Rumours 96/24 release?
yes, if any one knows, please post!

Mingles, i probably own closing in on 50 24/96 remasters. There are a few which were (honestly) a waste. The majority were excellent. I am listening to a 24/96 remaster of Vivaldi Four Seasons by Neville Mariner. I own all the U2 Remasters, many of the Sting, Police remasters by Bob Ludwig...amazing, really amazing. Imho, the most successful of the remasters i own.

i also feel like many of the blues/jazz 24/96 remasters have been amazing improvements over the original CDs...i have replaced all of the ones i bought in the '90s with the new remasters and never been disappointed.

If you get it on Amazon, you'll likely find a price for the remaster pretty close to CD...good luck.
The Hoffman/Gray remaster on 45 rpm vinyl is the ticket. You might get more input in the digital forum. Just sayin'
oops... I didn't mean to post this in analog.