Flea Watt Amp: What Speakers Are. You Using With Yours? Recommendations

I picked up an 8 or 12 watt small amp; now what speakers can anyone using these small amps recommend? 
Alexberger wrote: "I think that " fairly narrow radiation pattern over much of the spectrum" is a good thing."


"Actually, if speakers have a narrow radiation pattern you listen what is actually recorded. If speakers have a wide radiation pattern you hear more acoustic of your room."

The early reflections are the ones which tell us that we are in a small room, and a narrow radiation pattern is probably the best way to minimize them. But late reflections done right can convey a sense of being within the acoustic space on the recording, with little if any downside. So imo the ideal would be, minimize the early reflections but have plenty of late ones (easier said than done).

Klipsch Forte IIIs with 9w amp. I do swamp in a bigger push pull amp when I want to blow my doors off or have a listening party. 
I have listed some links below of high efficiency speakers, most of which the manufactures are very transparent regarding components used and cabinet construction.