flaws in B&W N802 , N801's

I just got my second pair of B&W N802's and like the first pair that got swapped out for this pair. They have flaws in the midrange driver shells. If you look at where the area around the yellow kevlar cone on the black shell is there is a cracking underneath the surface that is trianglar shaped. It is not visiable under all light conditions but once you see you cant help to notice it. If you also try with a flashlight directly on it you will see that it actually extends beyond the triangle. Anyway I dont know if I should live with or try for a third pair. Am I just getting bum pairs or is it just a manufacturing defect that is in all 802's and 801's..... please help...
I don't have that defect on my N802's so it's not present on all speakers.
My 802s are prefect in the area you describe. Mine are about a year and half old. If you have other B&W dealers in the area, maybe you can examine their 801s and 802s. I would definitely ask B&W directly and if you have a digital camera take a picture and send it to them as well. - Dan
I should note that it was on one speaker head in each case or with the pair one speaker is flawless and the other is flawed. I think it might be manufacturing or maybe just a shipping problem it is purely cosmetic but looks are important. thanks ....
I just looked at my 802s, 804s, and Htm 1. That pattern is present on all five. The location varies around the circle from speaker to speaker. It looks to be part of the manufacturing process.
There are a lot of great $8000/pair competing speakers available. The B&W factory owes you a satisfactory explaination for this seemingly random occurring condition.

Their Quality Control manger can tell you if this is an acceptable condition to be shipped with. If it somehow is, it's origin would seem a stress of manufacturing. If they are shipped defect free, then there may be a stress (vibration or depressurization come to mind) problem during shipment which their packaging engineer should be made aware of. I believe the midrange driver ships with some sort of retainer device or screw. If so, it may be subject to overtorguing.

Please post the final outcome to this situation for those of us seriously considering future purchase of this speaker.