Flat vinyl records... Please chip-in to insite!

Hi I've recently unwarped to the perfect flatness records that were brutally warped under the direct sun light shining onto the end-table glass. Without direct sunlight it's not happening. Can anyone recommend the bulb that has similar qualities as sunlight that can blast heat of approximately 40...45 Celcius or 98...105F?
Hello czarivey - 
I don't know how much light has to do with the process as much as the heat the direct sunlight produces.  A sunlamp might work for you.  

Check out the VinylFlat site.  You don't have buy their self-heating gizmo.  Instead they suggest an oven temp of 130F.  for flattening vinyl clamped between two glass plates.

Hope this is useful.

Good luck with these methods!!!!!!

I tried oven. 
Direct sunlight between 11am and 3pm works best even at lower temperatures.