Flat vinyl records... Please chip-in to insite!

Hi I've recently unwarped to the perfect flatness records that were brutally warped under the direct sun light shining onto the end-table glass. Without direct sunlight it's not happening. Can anyone recommend the bulb that has similar qualities as sunlight that can blast heat of approximately 40...45 Celcius or 98...105F?
Hello czarivey - 
I don't know how much light has to do with the process as much as the heat the direct sunlight produces.  A sunlamp might work for you.  

Check out the VinylFlat site.  You don't have buy their self-heating gizmo.  Instead they suggest an oven temp of 130F.  for flattening vinyl clamped between two glass plates.

Hope this is useful.

Good luck with these methods!!!!!!

I tried oven. 
Direct sunlight between 11am and 3pm works best even at lower temperatures.

The old Metal Halide lamps would easily provide this light/heat. These bulbs are for growing and used to cost as much as $500-$1,000 depending on wattage.

The oven technique is a little tricky but works. The secret is to find the right temperature and time. A good starting place is 150 degrees F for 5 minutes. It also helps to sandwich the LP between two sheets of glass to ensure the LP comes out flat. Also weight down the top sheet of glass with fishing weights or similar. Nothin’ says lovin’ like something from the oven. 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪

I have used the Vinyl Flat and have the Furutech (made by Orb). When I first got the Furu, I figured- go the limit 2.5 hours of heat- it did flatten some badly warped records, but caused other problems to crop up. I now adjust the heat duration to more closely match the weight of the record and severity of the warp, with far better results. (Shocker- this is what the manual instructs).
When I was using the Vinyl Flat, I used a gradual, incremental approach- 2.5 hours heat, long cool down. If that didn't do it, I would increase the heat cycle by a 1/2 hour. This worked pretty effectively, but was far more time consuming (admittedly at far lower cost that the Orb/Furutech). 
I have no idea how much heat you'd want from a lamp, CZ. If I recall, Vinyl Flat suggested measuring the temp inside their pouch and considered 140F to be an appropriate temperature. That was in a heating pouch that was velcro sealed around the compression plates. 

Well, when there’s 95+F outside, the contact temperature of surface is about 120...130F.

My oven doesn’t have that low of a setting so what I do is to get it to minimum possible (185f) and than cool it to 160 before I slide record in.

The other method I've been using is ironing via cloth.

At the price of the Vinyl Flat, why bother with sunlight or an oven?!
Actually i must agree with bdp AND wart. 
I was trying to void spending 4 figures, but VinylFlat would be indeed great professional tool.


very informative and useful.


I just assumed that someone with your posting history would have researched the many posts on the various methods of lp flattening which included the Vinyl Flat.

Your question regarding a bulb for your intended use, also seemed to me in this day and age, a somewhat inappropriate way to go about flattening records with the safety of the lp in mind. Not to mention ironing?

My comment included this hope plus a dose of humor built in. My brand of humor isn't recognized here it seems.

Happy Listening!
I always recognize humor and certainly recognize the quality and quantity of information on certain subject. 

Put a fairly warped record in the Vinyl Flat for a few weeks and rather than putting it in the oven I set it over the heat vent in my floor.  Max heat 72 F. from a forced air furnace.  It came out perfectly flat, didn’t expect that at all.  Appears to be a great product. 
I tried a  couple albums in the Vinyl Flat heated pouch at 2 1/2 to 3 hrs and nothing happened.  Then I upped the time to 3 1/2 hrs for standard vinyl and 4 1/2 hours for 180 gram.  nice flat records, no downside.