FLAT TV Panel hidding cords

I have a SAMSUNG LED mounted VERY close to the wall all wires run thru wall. ALL codes say run electical wire outside(leaving one cable hanging down or move electrical box up behind TV. I am not a electrican but do not see what 3'of tv cord would really cause wires to get hot, Opinions?
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A power cord could not easily be inspected for age deterioration or what ever if concealed inside a wall. It is a safety issue. Power cords shall not be run through wall or be concealed in walls, NEC.

Hire an electrician to install an outlet behind the SAMSUNG LED TV. If there is an existing outlet below the location of the new one the cost will be minimal. That is providing the wall is made of studs and drywall. Probably about an hour and a half labor tops.

Work is slow right now, the electrician could use the work.
If your afraid use a short piece of Romex and put a female receptacle on the TV end, plug the TV power cord into it. Run it inside the wall and put a male plug on the other end and plug it in the the outlet. I wouldn't be concerned about running the original power cord inside the wall though. As long as it is of sufficient size it won't overheat.
Item HBL8215CAT plug may help.LINK>>[http://www.hubbellcatalog.com/wiring/catalogpages/section-i.pdf]
Vernneal, You posted on my thread about mounting a flat screen above the fire place.

Looks like you're working through the same problems. Which Samsung did you go with? Did you buy a regular mount or one of those fancy motorized jobs?
The easiest solution is to make an extension cord out of 12-2 with ground romex for an interior wall as they are hollow and it is easy to run the romex to a lower outlet.

The same applies to a fire place if it is not a masonry fire place.

Use two sheetrock, blue electrical boxes, run the romex to them and then add the plug at one end and a grounded female to the other end and you can buy coevers with a hole in the center to add the finished touch.

Never ever run an electrical cord thru a wall, always use romex.

This will take about an hour to complete. A simple solution that even a novice can complete.

I hope this helps.
LED Samsung. TV Mount is not motorized. Going to have plug moved up. Was quoted $100
Good idea Solstice. How did you ever think of it?
I had an electrician install a clock outlet behind my flat panel. This outlet is recessed because it is intended to provide power to an electric clock that hangs flush against your wall.