Flat spkr cables: Nordost Red Dawn or Alpha-Core Goertz AG2

Flat speaker cables: Nordost Red Dawn or Alpha-Core Goertz AG2?

In 10 foot runs with good solid state amp and preamp. Can anyone compare and contrast these 2 cables which are roughly the same in price. To different designes to produce a good flat cable. Suggestions, recommendations, advice? It may be impossible for me to compare them in my system before purchase. Need flat, and need to run it under a rug (WAF is important here). Thanks for the help.
Can’t really attest as to the Red Dawn’s sound as compared to Goertz. ...I CAN tell you that I like the Goertz sound in the systems in which I have heard it.

Goertz is an excellent $ to performance product. ...Especially when compared to other “high-performance" cables often costing twice as much. Here on AudiogoN Goertz can be bought at exceptionally good prices - through dealers or second hand through members.

One definite consideration you should make re: Goertz would be synergy with your amp/speakers – due to its (relatively) high-capacitance design. How much (if any) increase in capacitance would your system see with a move to Goertz (at 10’ lengths)? ...A significant increase in capacitance might create sibilance that you don’t currently hear. ...Additionally, some amps such as Naim have problems with Goertz & will actually shut down if used with.

Are you using long speaker cable runs instead of long IC’s?

If you have separate pre and power you should seriously consider running longer IC's and shorter speaker cables (if practical). You’d set up your power amp at the speaker end of the room, then set up your pre, sources etc. at the other. The benefits of doing this are numerous. If you went this route you might also consider running balanced cables (if your gear is equipped with these inputs/outputs) ...you might even NEED to.

In addition to better sound, longer IC’s/shorter cables would likely cost less (than the other way round). How does your price for Goertz compare to the Red Dawn's?

...Just my .02
I have used both the Goertz and the Red Dawn Rev 11 speaker cable using a Jeff Rowland amp and Von Schweikert speakers's and found the Red Dawn to be a better match in my system. I found the sound very detailed and musical. The Goertz wire is also very good but with less detail and speed. I think the Goertz would work better is a system that leaned toward a bright sound because the Red Dawn would probably emphasize the brighness. If you have the chance to try both of them I would because in my experience wire is very system dependent. Good luck.
The Goertz MI ( copper series ) tends to work better with SS gear whereas their AG ( silver series ) works better with tube gear. Never tried Nordost but i do like the Goertz stuff quite a bit. Just don't forget to use a Zobel network ( impedance matching device ) if you do try the Goertz. Sean