Flat Speakers next to Wall Mounted Screen

I plan to wall-mount my plasma screen. Are you aware of any relatively flat speakers to mount next to the screen that sound good, or at least good enough for HT? I have the impression that flat lifestyle speakers designed for HT wall mounting will lack sufficient internal volume to sound decent. Comments?
If you are planning on spending a fair amount, Joseph Audio makes a model designed for wall mounting. Otherwise, there are lots of speakers designed for in-wall mounting.
Magnepan MMG W and MMG C. You will nedd to add a sub.

Carolina Audio makes some flat floor standers that sound very, very good and W.A.F. is a plus. I'm using the SM3 but have my ears on a set of SM4 in the not so near future:)
I forgot to mention one key aspect to the Carolina Audio speakers "placement". The speakers are transmission line and are designed to not have much interaction with nearby walls. This is an important consideration in most rooms since most speakers are optimized to be at least a few feet from any walls. The problem is that most speakers have negative interactions with nearby walls. The walls may and usually do become lousy bass transducers muddying the low frequencies in a very unpleasant fashion. Transmission lines like the Carolina Audio SM speakers do not generally suffer this unpleasant bass problem.