Thanks for sharing, interesting product. I will probably wait to order until it shows up on Amazon :-) 
Thanks, dill.  I am in, at $53.  There are other posts, on this
general subject.

Withe the 30 degree curve of my Martin Logan panels,
this should be fun.
The ACETAL is $53, Aluminum about $400 and Titanium $ 525 in the ear trumpets not the other thing.
The calmer is about $25 it's basically an earplug with a hole in it. Some people have said it helps with tinnitus. 
This looks like pure JUNK!!
Titanium for $525, no thanks.

Lame.  I bought them, they suck.  Save your $ or buy your girl some flowers.

The only thing they were halfway good at was providing ear protection while out in the world.  
One of them kept falling out of my ear and they’re confusing to place.

Overall though, avoid them.  
I tried them, primarily a high frequency attenuation. Did nothing for my tinnitus, but wasn't expecting anything there, honestly.

I would not recommend them.