Flaming Lips and Beck on Austin City Limits

According to band website info, this show was taped a couple of months ago, and should air in most markets tonight, Sunday 1/5, on your participating PBS station. See my fav current band, The Flaming Lips, back up Beck, and I hope also perform their own set. We shall see, and so should you.
I watched and Taped Show Last Night[SAT]on Direct TV.The Lips only backed up Beck.No Flaming Lips set.Show was great and not to be missed.JD
Well, now I'm stymied. It wasn't on in DC last night, and now I see that it isn't on tonight either. I don't know when it will air around here. I certainly remember Austin City Limits being carried in prime time by the local PBS affiliates in the past (and we have 3 of them), but I may just have to hunt for it in late night reruns. Although I have to admit, I'm not as concerned if I miss it since The Lips don't play their own set according to Jdlepera. If the Beck stuff is like what I saw when all these guys appeared on Conan O'Brien in the fall (their joint tour didn't come around here either!), it'll be nice, but no indication of what The Flaming Lips do on their own. This whole Beck backing-band thing has been a very strange way for a breaking (but veteran) band with a new album out (their 10th) to promote itself - I sure hope they tour the US as headliners in their own right during the coming year.
Finally saw it last night, didn't much care for it. For anyone who tuned in and wondered why I made a fuss, just take my word that this Beck stuff does not give any indication of what The Lips do on their own terms with their own material. Oh well.