Flamenco Jazz

Looking for some recommendations on your favorite Flamenco Jazz artists and albums.
You might start with Chano Dominguez. If you have not seem him perform, then rent the DVD of "Calle 54", the 2002 Grammy winner for Best Latin Jazz.
Paco de Lucia, all the albums are just great. My favorite is Entre dos Aguas on Phillips; I like the import LP. For something wild and completely different how about flamenco rock? Try Carmen's album Fandangos in Space it includes amplified and electronically manipulated dancing. This stuff is just wild; I saw them open for Tull in Madison Square Garden on the Thick As A Brick Tour and it was so strange, just like slowing down to watch an accident.
I would recommend Ottmar Liebert's first two CD's:Nouveau Flamenco and Borrasco. They're both hypnotizing.
Try Vince and Bola, very nice Flamenco Jazz. (Vince Guaraldi & Bola Seta)
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If you try hard enough to find you can get Jazzpan'a (there is a different spanish spelling of "soft n" that english keyboard doesn't have if you know what i mean).
This is a project of Vincent Mendoza with Arif Mardin.
WDR big band, Los Hoven'os Flamecos and guests such as Steve Khan, Al DiMeola.

Simply saying this piece can ignite the fire inside.