flac to wav

I am wondering if there is any advantage to converting flac to wav before burning to cd? My burner, Brasero, automatically converts them, but I wonder if there might be some loss of information that might be otherwise saved by doing the conversion first?
I suspect the difference would be fairly small, if any. You may want to just make a few CD's and see if you can hear any differences. Also, try K3b for burning CD's. Its just a better product with more options. Burn at slower speeds for best results. It will work under Gnome.
Thanks! Will give K3b a try. I have already d/led it from the repos, and it definitely offers much greater choices and customization than brasero.

Will it automatically convert flacs to wavs during the burning process?

I always use slow speeds for burning. The gold MAMA discs I most often use for audio projects burn at max 8x.