flac player question

Hi folks
I am a sound system newbie. I want to plug my pc to a better SQ output. Before i even try to get a good DAC. I want to make sure i am doing the right thing when process sound file in the pc.
I am currently using vlc to play my .flac and .wav files.
can you guys share what kind of player you are using?

Try using JPlay.
Try using J Rivers media center. It's free for 30 days.
Foobar2000 - absolutely FREE, lots of plug-ins to support 'most every file type (SACD, DVD-A, CD, FLAC, MP3, OGG, APE, etc., etc....), works as streamer thru DLNA.

What made you pick VLC for music? There's no question its a very good video player but I don't like it at all for music. To me, at least, the highs are very bright/harsh. Up to this point, I haven't noticed much difference between most of the players I've tried, except VLC. I honestly don't know why that is. Here is a list of free music that I think are worth looking at. I'm pretty sure they all have a Windows version.

Clementine, Amarok, Foobar, Quod Libet, Banshee, Songbird

Also, what are you using to rip?
Thanks the your information. The reason i chose VLC. It is because i am not a music person. I use my computer to watch video most of the time. And i found vlc can play most of the video format. And when i get into hi ended audio lately. I went online download some flac sample. and by default vlc is the player.
I know vlc may be not the best player for music . thats why i created this post. I will try to test out the few u have listed.
Does anyone have any other FLAC player suggestions? I have some songs in FLAC format and am looking to play them from a Dell Netbook or laptop. Thanks