FLAC Files on Mac

I have a Melco N1A music library/streamer. I have ripped all of my CDs to the Melco as FLAC files (and backed up all of the CDs on an external drive). In addition, the Melco is connected to my local area network thus I can also access the FLAC files on the Melco from my Mac computer via file sharing.

Now the problem: on my Mac I can see all of the FLAC files on the Melco via file sharing. However, when I attempt to copy the FLAC files from the Melco through my Mac via file sharing to a hard drive, I received a message that the files could not be copied because I did not have "permission to read them". I was able, though, to copy an album I downloaded from Tidal (FLAC files) from the Melco via the shared files on my Mac to the hard drive, just not the files from ripped CD's.

Any ideas how to resolve this problem?

Much thanks.


have you checked the permissions on these FLAC files? Do that and make sure you have all the proper security rights. Are you using XLD for these FLAC rips? XLD does something strange with the file metadata and I have had issues with FLAC files on another device as I also use XLD. If that is the case, try and re-rip a disc using another FLAC program and test this. There are some cmd line moves I believe that you can use to fix the metadata on your other files if that is the issue.
I can play FLAC files on a Mac using Audirvana Plus.