Flac conversion for ipod?

I am trying to figure out the best way to convert FLAC files to be played on an ipod. My understanding is that programs like "MAX" will convert these files to apple lossless...does this mean they will automatically play on an ipod? I would appreciate any input.
I am interested in any answers to this. Anyone having success buying high quality HD Tracks and converting FLAC to apple lossless for use in iTunes?
Yes. Max will do exactly what you says. I have purchased hi-res FLAC tracks
from HDTracks.com and converted them to AIFF using Max, and played from
iTunes without any problem.
I agree, Max works well for this. Besides AIFF, Max can convert FLAC files to Apple Lossless and other formats that will work on an iPod.

I have converted both 24/48 and 24/96 purchased FLAC files to Apple Lossless for playing through iTunes at better than CD resolution.
Max is the ticket. I also purchase from HDTracks and use Max. One other cool thing is that you can tell MAX to automatically add the converted file to your iTunes Library upon completion of the conversion process. I typically que up all my downloaded music, hit go and watch a movie or whatever until it is completed, next time I look at iTunes my newly converted files are there and ready to go :)
Thanks for the input. I thought I was on the right track with MAX, just wanted to make sure.
I can't get these files to play on my ipod. Spent hours trying to convert them to AIFF then to Lossless. Still wont play on ipod. The AIFF files transferred to the ipod, but will not play. Even the Apple Lossless files wont transfer. I have a fairly new 160 GB ipod. Any suggestion? I am using MAX for the original conversion.
I finally got the tunes to play on my ipod, but only in 16 bit. Is it possible to play 24 bit through ipod, or is this an itunes issue on the transfer?
iPod doesn't support anything higher than 16/48k.
Thanks for the info.
Does anyone know of a good flac to aiff converter for a Windows based computer?