Flabby bass from tube CD player - Break in??

I am suffering with what sound like flabby/mushy bass output from my Jolida JD-100 tube CD player. The low level resolution is great but I wish it were tighter. I only have 30 hours or so on the tubes (stock units) ..... am I getting overanxious? Do I need to put 100 hours or more on the unit before I can judge performance?
30 Hrs is nothing on this CD player based on my experienced! If your Jolida is the modified version, it was suggested by Parts Connexion that you should run it at about 200 hrs to show it's true colors. If yours is the stock version and using the stock tubes, the bass will never tighten up! Use an Svetlana 12AX7,a Siemens, or better yet a Telefunken tube and you will find what you are looking for after 100-150 hrs of play time. Goodluck!
Amandarae is right. Jpstereo, do bare in mind the JD100 is a tube player and not a Krell. Thank Jolida for that. I'm using NOS Sylvania tubes, but Siemens, Telefunken, RCA will all give you much better performance than what was provided. Stay away from Mullard if you have a revealing system.
experiment with:
tube rolling
upgrade AC cords
cones, shelving, footers