Fixing a weak Digital Cable audio signal??

We recently signed up for Time Warner Digital Cable, and the audio output is much weaker than the signals from my CD, DVD, FM sources. I have a whole house system (Crestron) and when I switch from the digital music channels to another source the change in volume will blow away anyone who is listening anywhere in the house(or worse, my entire neighborhood from my many outdoor speakers. The Cable has a volume attentuator, but I have it turned all the way up. Has anyone seen/solved this problem (besides a much higher end preamp)? I need something similar to the old phono pre-amps.
There are preamps and "distribution amplifiers" which are made to boost TV antenna signals, when there is signal loss due to the signal being sent to multiple televisions. They probably should work for you also? They probably make them for satellite also (probably the same/similar). They come in 75 ohm models so they should work fine for regular and digital 75 ohm cable TV (regular old type TV signals are 300 ohm).

I use a distribution amplifier with good results, though not for the same reason you state.

Check out this website and give them a call.

A weak digital signal would not mean a lower volume... you either have lock or you don't, the amplitude of the analog signal is encoded and will not change with the amplitude of the digital signal. What is experiencing has to do with the original amplitude of the analog signal being encoded on the service side.
If Brian is right, then you will have to complain to your cable provider. They certainly have no trouble getting commercials to play louder than the broadcast signal.
I'll call TimeWarner and see what they say. But the signal that leaves the cablebox is of course an analog stereo signal, and that's the one I want to crank up few db. Surely there's a little bitsie teenie weenie amp somewhere that will allow me to have that signal the same amplitude as those coming from the CD or DVD.

Thanks for the advice!