Fixing a Levinson: Where do I send it?

Is there any place in the States that will fix Levinson products for a reasonable fee?
sool what i have heard... $1000 minimum from levinson..
Contact Lyric Hi-Fi in NYC. they may be able to point you in the right direction.
I used Google Search (Mark Levinson Repairs) and found the following sites for your review:

The first 2 are independent companies and the third one is Mark Levinson. I suggest you contact all 3 to get estimated prices and time to repair. Hope this helps. cheers..
Whoops. Corrected address for repairs are:

You should also contact your local Levinson Retailer and ask them for repair suggestions.
Do NOT send your Levinson to I sent in my Levinson 23.5 to fix slight noise from one channel but it came back to me with both channels completely dead! I sent the amp back, waited 3 months, and it came back to me with the same problem but this time the amp was all scratched up, heatsinks and top panel bent!

Each time they blamed Fedex for the problems even though they were shipped in a professionaly made, double box that I paid $150 to make, and there was ABSOLUTELY no damage to the box and evidence of mishandling. It ended up costing me more than $800 and at the end I am stuck with a totally trashed amp.

If I were you I would send it to Harman for the repair and pay whatever they want you to pay. At least they know what they are doing and you will sleep better at night.

You have been WARNED!!!
Levinson has drastically revised their repair policy in the consumer's favor. Many people were so unhappy about the previous flat rate that they were forced to moderate the expenses. They do have a maximum fee that it will cost to repair each piece, but the actual repair will probably be much lower than this depending on parts and the time of the repair.
Talk with Richard he is very knowledgable or James Cohen the service manager. They will see that your equipment will be repaired quickly and correctly.