Fixing a broken Tube

I broke the plastic guide post on the bottom of a KT88.
Any suggestions on fixing?
I was thinking crazyglue. Any issues with heat?
Thank you,
As long as the tube is otherwise OK. Get a very thin formulation of Cyanoacrylate glue like https://www.cagcom/HS-4-bHot-Stuff-2ozb-thin-CA-glue_p_11.htmllue
Align the post back together tight and place a drop of glue right on the fracture line. The glue will absorb by capillary action. If it all disappears place another drop then quickly wipe off the excess with a Q tip all while holding the post tightly together. Continue to hold together for three minutes. Do not subject the repair to stress for 12 hours:)

That portion of the tube will not get hot enough to effect the repair.
That tube is history dude!!
Tubes are disposable. I'd toss it.
In the old days we did not worry about it, just marked pin 1 with a magic marker and were careful about inserting it correctly. The key - which is the correct name for it - does not have a bearing on functionality, provided you align the tube correctly.
Being cheap on not replacing the tube is a gamble if you end up inserting it wrong...
Thank you guys.
The pin broke in a way that putting it back together in the same spot is unavoidable, so I think I am good.
Thanks again,
Just hope that when you pull the repaired tube back out of the socket that the pin doesn't come lose and get stuck in the tube socket
That tube is history dude!!
No it’s not.

tonydennison OP
Look very closely make sure no1 pin goes in no1 hole and put in back in without the guide post, and leave it be, it will sound exactly the same and not cause trouble.

Cheers George
So just to be clear the guide pin broke? No problem just orient it where the guide post was and put it in you don't really need the guide post. Do not toss the tube it's fine.
I glued it and it is working fine thank you all. Well...most :-]
Glad to hear it was an easy fix, enjoy the music...