Fixing a Broken NAD C320BEE

I have the opportunity to buy a used NAD C320BEE that's cosmetically perfect but has "blown a few capacitors" according to the current owner. Does anybody have any opinions regarding whether fixing it is even worthwhile? I called a few local repair shops and they charge $75-100 just to look at it.

I was originally looking to buy a NAD C355BEE new, but wold greatly prefer paying less than the $800 it costs to get one new, if the sound/features are comparable.

In terms of what I'm looking for in a system, I'm trying to put together an entry-level system for listening to music – both CDs and a lot of radio – and occasionally watching movies. I'm open to any recommendations everyone might have. I'm trying to keep the budget around $1000. I'd prefer Stereo to 5.1 and my ideal Amp or receiver would have a Phono input. I'm in an apartment that doesn't need more than 50W/channel.

unless he is almost giving it away I would not even consider that arrangement, not worth the headaches when a used one is not that expensive (if you can find one)
Thanks for the reply. He's asking $75 and I haven't been able to find a comparable unit used. It looks like a used one could run anywhere from $275-400. Bringing it into a shop and leaving it for a few hours does sound like too much of a headache.
DOESN'T sound like a headache, I mean.
I guess my feeling is IF it gets repaired properly then you got a good deal but sometimes things do not work out that way and then the headaches begin.

I do not want to jinx you, just my feelings...
Bringing it into a shop and leaving it for a few hours does sound like too much of a headache.

DOESN'T sound like a headache, I mean.

You have not put anything in an electronics shop lately,have you? Expect it to be there weeks,if not months.You already know what they are going to charge just to look at it,to repair will probably cost more than a good used unit.Keep ypur eyes on the classifieds here and you will find something much better.Just a thought,good luck.
i'm with philojet on this one---you're buying a pig in a poke; you don't really know what's wrong with it. the only thing you're certain of is you'll need to spend a hundred bucks (on top of the $75 for the broken unit) to find out if it's even worth fixing. now, if it was a krell or a meridian, i'd take a flyer, but nads are journeyman units and often unreliable ones, so what's your real upside? if you can't find a working nad at your price, i often see rega, cambridge audio and arcam integrateds listed in the $200-300 range; i think you'll be happier looking at something like those.
I have been in audio close to 5 decades and the number of GOOD repair persons I have known could be counted on one hand.
I think I would pass on it too.I would choose something that is working.It may be an ok buy for a tech.Labor could get high.Are there other caps that might go a few months later leaving you having to start over again.There is one for sale in New York with the same problem.
There's an NAD c720bee for $350 that just posted...start w/ this and add on from there!

(not related in any way to transaction)

Good luck!
My basic question to the seller would be: why should I pay you money, just to inherit one of your problems?

People should not be selling broken goods. They should get them repaired before passing them on to a complete stranger.
Agreed with all the Gs here. Stay away from those Ebay pickers. These are people who would do anything to try and sell you junks that they dig up from someone else's dumpster.

You could get a used NAD C315BEE which is almost the same as the C320BEE for less than $200. Why waste $$$ for something that does not work? Don't listen to me. Go listen to a C315BEE at a local audio salon. The new C315BEE is that scarily good.
In my experience, a "few blown capacitors" will be just the tip of the iceberg. Electrolytic capacitors blow for only a few reasons:

1. Installed backwards
2. Incorrect voltage rating for the circuit
3. Extreme age (10-20 years), they dry out then next time voltage applied; they bite the biggun.
4. They are taken out by a "fire" elsewhere in the circuit.

Doubt it's 1 or 2 (since Lenbrook took over NAD, quality has improved across the board) with the recent build of that amp, no way it's #3.

IF this "project" (how you must approach it; a learning experience) is selling for more than $40, walk away, if it is really smoked inside, it may get repaired, but future reliability is questionable.
Thanks for all the suggestions! In the end I bought that C720BEE that Soulbrass suggested. Thanks for all the help!