Fix or junk?

Purchased a Cambridge Audio 651c that had the Lazer problems some seem to have.Replaced the problem and it worked great for a few months then the problem rose again.Any ideas on who can fix it in the Virginia area and will the same problem develop again?
I had the top CAMBRIDGE BluRay player married up to their top AVR

sounded fine when it worked


The CAMBRIDGE AVR crapped out suddenly TWICE in its first 22 months of use requiring extended time in the shop for the same repeated issue but thankfully while under warranty for 3 years. I sold it pronto after the 2nd FUHBAR .

the CAMBRIDGE Bluray spinner suddenly and catastrophically crapped out 2 months after its 2-year warranty expired. The cost to fix it exceeded its FMV and because the likelihood of a reoccurrence was high with only a 90 day parts repair limited warranty to go, so it was junked .... another major piss-off. it was replaced by an ARCAM FMJ Bluray spinner with even better performance capabilities, a five year warranty, and no issues

Buyer beware .

Fixing is only good for equipment built before 80's. All other is good for junking and disposing disposable just like plastic wear.

Paid only $50 including the replacement Lazer  assembly so I was hoping for the best.Have spoken to a few techs and will see.
Fix or junk?

This Cambridge uses 2 x WM8742 dacs which are highly regarded by some.

It also uses a $27 Sanyo SF-P101N laser/mech, easy to replace would take you 1/2 hr to replace if your handy.

Cheers George


thanks for the reply.....
That's what I believe was the part I used to replace last time georgehifi.