Fix or buy new/used?

I have a pair of Acoustic Research AR-9LS speakers, a Pioneer A-80 Amp, and matching A-90 FM tuner. All of them are inoperable and need repair. I bought them in 1984.

The speakers are big, heavy, and rated 175W RMS. They have five speakers; a tweeter, a midrange tweeter, and 8", 10", and 12". The amp is rated 150W RMS/channel. In the case of the speakers, I need to replace the surrounds on the 8", 10", and 12" speakers. The kits are available for less than $30.00. The amp has a channel out and will probably require a power transister and a few resistors. The tuner needs a new touchpad.

This was a pretty high-power system and is 25 years old. However, I am 25 years older too, and I don't really want such a powerful system anymore. What I want now is an audio system to add to my 42" TV and to be able to play CDs on.

So, should I repair all this and connect my TV and a CD player to it, or should I sell the whole thing and buy a theatre system? Should I repair everything before I sell, or sell as-is?

Also, I need to be educated about theatre systems; what is my best bang for buck?

Hi-- as I'm 35yrs older than my first system, I suggest the following:
So, should I repair all this and connect my TV and a CD player to it
Yes, repair those speakers well. Check the crossover components too. Google yr speakers, ther must be information on maintenance and tweaks.
or should I sell the whole thing and buy a theatre system? Should I repair everything before I sell
Listen first, modern spkrs sound impressive but overall poor performers. Good spkrs are expensive & you have good sprks albeit aged.
The amplifier can be improved upon.
OTOH, repair and keep the tuner.

Yes, you should get rid of the old system. Dont waste your time or money.
You probably cant sell it if it does not work. And if you did it would be peanuts.

Buy a Oppo 83 DVD player that will pay your CD's and movies. And perhaps a Denon or Marantz reciever.
Get some small matched speakers and a sub and you are in buisness.
Probably cost about $2500 or less.
I think I would fix the spks., but I would buy new/newer electronics considering the cost of repairing them. If you do decide to repair the spks., I would put new bidding posts on them. Superior Electric BP-30's from Allied Electronics are superb sounding. So much better than the stock binding posts sonically. (However, they will only accept 14ga. or smaller wire if you bare wire them.)
You could give everything to charity. To the extent that it is fixable, it'll be recycled into someone else's starter system for low $$.

25+ year old stuff that hasn't been run is a while is a problem waiting to happen. EVERY cap is suspect and may last from seconds (startup surge) to another couple years.

Sure you want to re-surround 6 drivers? X-over caps are subject to the same limits as the rest of the electronics.
Get rid of it.
After 25 plus years, treat yourself to something new, or nearly new. The old stuff is indeed either a problem waiting to happen or just not worth the hassle fixing. When it comes to HT, think music first and ease of operation, hard to go wrong.
Buy, used. Best value. I've used in my office a Kenwood integrated amp for 32 years, almost daily. Still going strong. I have purchased a few used units like it for less then $25 each. Waiting for a breakdown that never comes. Most likely, since it used each day it will go on forever. Hey all the lights still work, you figure.