Fix My Preamp vs. Buy Phono Stage

As I found out earlier, I have a problem with leaky caps in the phono stage of my preamp. I can either have the preamp repaired, or buy a separate phono stage. I do want to fix this annoying problem, I just don't want to spend lots of $$ to do it.

Also, since all the inputs, except phono, are quiet, can I just cannibalize caps from another input? I had a stroke about 6 years ago, so my coordination just aint what it used to be but I know my way around a soldering iron.

Thanks for your thoughts.

I guess my first questions is: How much is the preamp worth $$$ wise..? If the preamp isn't worth much ,it doesn't amke any sense to repair it..I would say Treat yourself to a new preamp ( with Phono ) or at least buy yourself a nice new Phono stage..Life is too short....!!!
My preamp (which sounds great with the NAD/B&K/Vandersteen combo) was purchased off of eBay for ~$115.00. Which isn't much. But all I can say is "it's good that I bought most of my audio gear when I was a bachelor" because it won't happen again. I have been fortunate that my gear has lasted as long as it has.

My preamp is a NAD 1155. I'm not sure what it was worth originally. I've been thinking about a Bellari preamp, for cost, and simplicity's sake.
Have to agree with Thorman. Some of the new phono preamps don't have to cost alot, but sound great,some have headphone inputs or can be hooked up to a computer should you want to convert Lp's to cd's.
I don't know but do that pre have a tube for the phono section??--As sometimes that is all it can be.--Had that happen to my w/ my AR 9.
I had a 1155 in 86-87.Used it with a 2200 amp for a year or so.Bought a Nakamichi CA5 and it was like blankets came off the speakers.Dont remember what I paid new,dont want to,good luck,Bob
Agree with Thorman unless the phono stage in your preamp was so good that fixing it would return a better value than purchasing an outboard phono stage.