FIVE channel amps - advice needed...

hi all- my setup - lexicon dc-2 preamp, krell kav-250a amp, jm labs sw38a sub, hales rev 3, cc, rears and sides. this is a 7-channel setup, so i need a 5 channel amp to feed center, sides, rears in addition to the krell which feeds the main speakers. i'd like to spend about $1-$1.5k (that's all i have left to spend, really, without selling stock!), and i'd appreciate any ideas. EAD Powermaster 500? Chiro C-500? B&K can be had for less than $1k (the Ref 5000). All advice apprecaited, as always... baz
the OUTLAW amp @ $1,100 is THE steal in home theatre amps. read all the reviews. you cannot go wrong.
Another possibility is the Marantz mm9000, or five of their monoblock's.