Five Best Rock Albums Of 2013

There was a thread started in May about this and I thought it was a little early and now is just right. Mine are The Fratelli's " We Need Medicine", Arcade Fire "Reflektor", Eels "Wonderful, Glorious", Calexico "Algiers", The Truth & Salvage Company, "Pick Me Up" and honorable mention goes to Dawes, "Stories Don't End".
Best place to see what is tops is over at

Click on 'statistics' and go crazy.
I posted mine here....
Lwin,Thanks for making me feel old!...:-)

Do not know a single lp you named!!!

61 and already one ear in the grave.

Elizabeth I thank you for your response and I checked what you recommended it is an interesting website but I would like to see what Audiogon members liked for rock music this past year. I have gotten some excellent music leads in the past from fellow Audiogon members and I hope to do so again. There is so much good music out there that never even gets played radio even the college stations let alone the conglomerates, that I will be delighted if I can get half dozen or more leads to good music I missed.
Porcupine Tree. This is a rock group that I got turned onto in 2013. Combination of Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd. Art rock on the dark side. Gavin Harrison is an amazing drummer and Steve Wilson is the musical genius behind the songs/music.
4 of their most recent albums. I have all of these. You can sample on Youtube:

"in absentia"
"the incident"
"fear of a blank planet"
Azjake: I am sorry I made you feel old. I hope you try some of the albums I recommended you might like them if you enjoy well written and played rock & roll. Sample some on Amazon, it won't cost you anything. By the way I am several years older then you are.
I liked Arcade Fire, Calexico and Dawes as well.

I would add Vampire Weekend's Modern Vampires of the City, Brett Dennen's Smoke and Mirrors, Blood Orange's Cupid Deluxe, Lorde's Pure Heroine and Atoms for Peace's Amok.
Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Stealing Sheep, Blood Orange, Arctic Monkeys
Daft Punk and Palma Violets
I'm going to blow your mind... Bill Callahan "Dream River".

"Ride My Arrow"!!!!!

The BEST, most looked over song, in years!!!!

This guy is an artist artist!!!!
Yes my friend you are absolutely correct. Bill Callahan Dream River is a masterpiece! Check out his "have fun with god" album. Dream river rerecorded in Dub version. Great as well.
I like some of the Bill Callahan's old band, "Smog", albums as well.
Agreed....this man is a genius.
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