Five amps that you want to try at home?

Only fools buy an expencive amp without trying it at home,
first, someone said. That might be right, but I for my part,
sometimes get tired of the many offerings, there are!
As I am interested in alternatives to the wellknown, great
brands, and belive, after hearing some Krell, Levinson,
Pass amps, that -however clever they may be, there is
a real risk that you have to pay some extra dollars just
for the name, and may I add, status that some of us are sensitive to, if you buy them.
So, if you agree with me that there is a fair chance to find
a product that is, let me say... very competitive, among
the less known brands, and the miracle occur: you are offered to listen to and compere a maximum of five amps in your home,and that you will be allowed to keep these amps for say..two weeks,which ones do you choose? I am the first to admitt that it´s a totally hypotetic question, (but on the other hand wouldn´t it be nice if there was a possibility of renting amps?)
As I live in Europe, your list and mine will probably differ,but being polite,so please begin!I´ll come back later.
Also, please tell us why your choses are interesting to you
what you aim at, and what you expect from them!
Håkan Ståhl
Why try unknowns when you can get something like Bryston, Aragon, Musical Fidelity... Well priced, excellent sound, great service (most important). If you want less known, try one that doesn't even advertise like BEL amps. I've heard one and it sounded great. The thing was only 50 watts, made with what looked like kids toy parts, but my goodness the bass control and soundstage was amazing... Good luck getting service though.
I would try a variety of SET amps by various makers including Audio Note, Wavac, and Cary. Also like to hear an Airtight tube amp. I would like to try monoblock as well as stereo SETs, and integrated too.
Audio Valve top of the line triode mono's
Lamm the entire line
Audio Research 600 and 300's
I would want to hear the Lamm ML1, Audio Research Ref 300 MkII, Jadis JA200, Halcro and Atmasphere MA 2 amps in my system. Gotta be monoblocs to work in my system. Two weeks is too short for this test, though--I'd need at least 5 years to thoroughly test them.....
Unfortunately, I'd have to raise the level of my associated equipment to warrant demos of the above mentioned amps.

I had a Simaudio Moon I-5 and sold it after comparing it to an Electrocompaniet ECI-3. I just bought a Blue Circle BC21 and am waiting for a BC22 to arrive next week. So we'll see how this new face-off shapes up. If I could add any other brands to the mix, I might include the Bel Canto Evo 200.2, and BAT VK3i and VK60.
wytech labs topaz. i have heard rave reviews from tas and from audio critique (aurther salavatorie). supposed to be the benchmark in amps. someone here might have one...would like to know what they think. 9,000$ is a lot. but not in the ultra high end market.
My five amps in no particular order:

1)The Kora Mono Blocks
Because........I heard them at the show in New York recently and was completely enthralled with their performance driving a pair of Gershman Opera Sauvage and Avant Gardes. Wild design, great conversation piece, and can compensate for your heating system on those cold winter nights of listening.

2)Gryphon Mono Blocks
Because........Heard these at the above mentioned show driving a serious looking pair of Dynaudio speakers and was knocked for a loop by a company I had never heard of. Great looking gear, too! (Why not at these prices?)

3)KR Enterprises Mono Blocks
Because........any amp that takes as much abuse from Stereophile as these amps did during their review period are probably outstanding and deserve a listen.

4)Electrocompaniet NEMO Mono Blocks
Because...... they are the reference standard...the pinnacle...the flag bearer and my all time favorite regardless of price. Also, they are beautiful to gaze at.

That's it. I can't think of a fifth that isn't REALLY COMMERCIAL. So you have it.

No rhyme or reason here, just curious about them:
Atma Sphere 60s
Art Audio PX-25
Bel Canto 200.2(monoblocks)
TacT Millennium
Sierra Denali

At first I thought this would be easy - who doesn't want a free shot at listening to super expensive, esoteric gear? But when it came time to thinking which ones I might actually be interested in buying, as opposed to listening to out of pure curiosity, the list shrunk:

1) Tenor Audio Model 75
2) Halcro DM68's
3) Thor TPA-60
4) Wyetech Topaz
5) Viva Aurora
Honorable mention: Edge NL-1 signature
audio research vk100
unison smart 845
joule electra
jadis (any)
yakov aronov 9000 monos
music reference RM-9 II
Best I have ever heard...