Fisher RS-1080

I found an amp for my JBL D130F, but I don't know if it is the correct amount of power I need. The speaker is being used for home audio perposes, it is very nice... the amp I found is a Fisher RS-1080 or RS-1060. I don't know what the output is, and the owner doesn't either. Is there anyone who knows?
thank you!!! Sam
If you buy this amp, and it has not been used for awhile, then you should be careful about just plugging it back in. Slowly bringing the voltage up with a Variac is something you should consider, otherwise, blowing capacitors could be a problem. thanks, ph805.527.9739 fax805.527.9808 eCatalog available. New equipment demo’s by appointment. All quotes are good for 30 days. Customers in every state, & 26 countries (angol/ingles/englisch/beszelunk magyarul!/ hablamos en espanol/wir sprechen deutsch).