fisher amp question.

hey there i have a old fisher x-202-b intergrated amplifier. i just purchased a turntable off a buddy. well the question is on the amp input selector button there is not a choice for phono. i wish i had it here but from memory it says col 1 col2 riaa1 riaa2 4'1/2" 6'1/2" and tuner and aux . im probably totally messing that up but anybody know off the bat what input i would hook a turntable too. ?
Riaa 1 or 2 will do.
cool thanks. any idea what that stands for?
Recording Industry Association of America. They set the equilization curves, now in standard use, to play records.
"Col" by the way stands for Columbia, and there was usually an "RCA" setting also. One preamp that I had, a Heathkit, had separate controls with multiple settings for "rolloff" and "turnover" frequencies (if I remember the terms correctly). These were for the HF attenuation and LF gain so that you could match whatever the recording company had used.
wow thats kind of neat. well im getting a turntable never been into records since i was a kid and that was on my mickey mouse record player so that doesn't count. so i assume that i should use the riaa for most records and if i stumble on a columbia record use the col setting and change the plugs. that is really kind of neat. he thanks.
Clevelandhifi...Unless the Columbia record predates the RIAA standard (1950??) you should use RIAA.
No, the gentleman is talking about very old Columbia records, before the EQ curves were standardized. Modern Columbia records conform to the standard RIAA curve.