Fisher 800B or Fisher 500C which one is the best

hi all I'm thinking about getting a Fisher and I'm having a hard time making my mind up on which one and would like any suggestion you guys have I have narrowed it down to the 800-B the 800-c the 500-b or the 500-c and has anyone heard of a tech.mike finck who works at hionfi there is a 500 c there that I'm wondering about I did talk to mike just to confirm what he had done to the 500c but he could not remember which makes me a little worried seems to me he would have been prepared to answer my concerns about the amp thank you guys in advance D
I've read that sonically, the B-series has really stellar midrange compared to the C's. The main functional difference between the 500 and 800 is that the 800 has AM reception as well as FM.
Good techs are busy- I wouldn't expect a tech to be able to tell me exactly what he did unless it was my amp that he'd worked on and the work had been done recently. Or he was a specialist in those amps in particular and did lots of them.
Thanks for your responce I have read the the c is better that's one reason I'm having such a hard time.and yes I can understand a tech.not being able to recall what he had done.but when one is expecting your call you should be prepared
The late Paul Grzybek, tube Fisher specialist , preferred the 500C. If I recall correctly, he told me it had better fm as it had one more IF section than the 800C which stole one for the AM section.
David - it concerns us at HIONFI that you would publicly make a statement about our tech not remembering what he did to a specific unit. Upon hearing that you did not get the info you needed we emailed you to try and answer any additional questions or concerns you may have had. We strive to make customer service a priority, your comments in a forum like this without telling the whole story can be harmful to a reputable shop and technician. Please feel free to call us.
Thanks, we are sure you would enjoy the 500.
I dunno, but I had a Fisher 500C in the '70's that my Dad bought in the '60's. I thought it was great, "by the standards of the time".

Of course it's like buying a 50 y.o. car, now. I'd actually search for someone who refurbs-repairs those before buying one......

As to which, I don't know the 800, but I'd put both on my list, & buy whichever comes up that's the nicest, at a fair price.....
Here's a comparison/review of the Fisher 800B, 500C and 400.