Fisher 100b repair/restoration

I recently inherited an original and unrestored Fisher 100b integrated amplifier. I was considering having it restored and using it in a second system. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for who might be able to help me out with this... Thanks in advance.
Hi Jerry

If you are in the NYC area. Scott Gramlich of SG Custom Sound is a good repairman for electronics and speakers.
He's in Douglaston Queens. His number is (718) 224-5083

Additional information can be found here.

Every time I've visited him he's either had vintage McIntosh tube amps on the bench or modern tube gear.

Best of luck with that Fisher 100B.
Thank you jedinite24, I appreciate the response.. I will contact Scott and see what he can offer me.. Be well, jerry
It'a a great piece. Go to's Fisher pages for more insight.
One of the more pesky problems will be replacement of the volume control, which is/was a problem on many Fishers from this period.

Getting the right value, long shaft, audio taper, power switch and loudness taps all in the same place at the same time is harder than you might think! By eliminating the loudness feature we were able to get a custom control built up that suited nicely.