Hello everyone
Any of you familiar with this band? Both of their albums have become staples of mine and #1 is my dynamics and frequency extension auditioning CD because it does both so well. Are there other bands out there with similar style/quality as Fischerspooner? I would love to find more music like this. Thanks for any comments, thoughts, etc.

I like all of the DAF stuff much better. Try LCD Soundsystem, The Juan Maclean & the DAF #2 comp.
BTW, LCD soundsystem is on DFA, not DAF, sorry to be nitpicky. There's a sampler put out by the ministry of sound I believe that covers electro clash. Maybe start with some Ladytron or the Faint's "Danse Macabre" or "Blank-wave Arcade"

have fun
My bad. I always mix up DFA(Death From Above) with DAF(Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft-old-school industrial band).
I will check those out. Thanks! Arthur
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