Firstsound paramount 6 mk3 SE or ARC ref3

Hi All, I have come across the above preamp for sale in my local area. A crazy 6 box preamp. At a price of approx 6k USD. Is a firstsound paramount special edition statement mk3. 

No no one locally can comment on this preamp. I am comparing it with a ARC ref3 at the same price.

my power amp is a AVM SA8.2 and I run Harbeth 40.1s.

Your suggestions, feedback or reviews would be much appreciated.

thanks heaps
That Paramount is an AWESOME preamp. I owned a Deluxe many years ago, and I still have very fond memories of it. And my friend owns an even earlier generation that still sounds terrific. The biggest issue, IMO, with the Paramount is physical space. It takes up a LOT of real estate! But, that said, if you can manage the space issue, you'd be in seriously rarified air with that pre.

What kind of condition is it in? The price seems fair to me, considering what you'd get sonically.

I've heard the Ref3 a number of times over the years--though not in direct comparison to a First Sound--but I don't recall being bowled over by it. Every FS, on the other hand, has made a really strong impression on me. 

The owner of First Sound, Emmanuel Go, has been in the hobby for quite a while, and he's a pleasure to deal with. I would give him a call and get his thoughts about how the Paramount would match up impedance-wise with your amplifier.

Just one man's humble opinion! Hope this helps a little bit.
Thanks Lynott for your comments it is very much appreciated. 

Yes the the unit was originally a presence delux statement since 2006 but with a number of expensive upgrade now a paramount Se mk3. The next upgrade is the sse at a cost of $9000 USD.....ouch

the the condition looks great black chassis with gold knobs. I manage to get the price down to 4800$ usd to audition and buy. 

I really look forward to it. Haven't really been able to find a nice pre since the sale of my ARC ref5se so this would be something very different. 

I had had a chat with mr go. His only concern was my long ICs between my pre and my power at 4m with only 10kohm input on my power. But he said best to try. 

Wow, $4,800 for THAT pre? Man, I haven't kept track of FS products recently, but that seems like a helluva deal.

Just curious, why did you sell your 5SE? That's a very highly regarded unit. Still, the Paramount is pretty friggin' killer. If you like black backgrounds, you're in for a SERIOUS treat!

Keep me posted. I'm really curious how the Paramount will interact with the AVM, given the long ICs.