First Watt Sit-3 paired with Klipsch Cornwall lV?

Does anyone have Klipsch Cornwall's paired with a First Watt SIT-3? Anyone like to comment?


i have heard neither in my own home system, but from what i know about both the speaker and the amp, it should be a very very nice combination so long as you like how the cornwall 4 presents the music

my xa25 has a very warm midrange and midbass for a solid state amp

i haven’t had a sit3, have had f5 f6 j2, each of fw’s have a somewhat unique sonic character

best suggestion would be to call into reno hifi and/or pass - they will be honest and straightforward with you in answering your question

I did some deep research on this for match with modded Klipshcorns, ultimately I decided to listen to reviewers claiming none of FW could provide textures of tubes on Klipsch Heritage, YMMV.


i would concur with what you have found

with very high efficiency horn loaded speakers, even the ’sweet’ solid state amps do not sound vaguely like flea watt tube units like 300b single ended amps.... those are much more rolled off, midrange centric, with much more sympathetic distortion at play

not better or worse, that is a matter of personal taste, but the music presented is surely much different

I purchased a SIT-3 today, and I’m going to compare it to my Pass XA-25. After a month or two I figured I’d sell one or the other. Eventually I’d like to buy a Coincident 300b Frankenstein or an Audio Note Conqueror to go along with my Coincident Statement Preamp. I’d really like to keep one Solid State amp in the fold.

I will look forward to  your findings.

I have a prediction which one will win.

Well I've never hooked the Pass XA-25 since receiving the SIT-3, but in my defense, I also changed the room around because I felt the Cornwall's needed more wall space. This change improved the soundstage and has made room for a sub or subs. I also have not re-mounted my LP-12 to the wall. (this weekend)

I really love this amp. It is the most organic solid state amp I've ever heard. I have it paired with a Coincident Statement Preamplifier, BorderPatrol DAC and a Bluesound node 2i.  When I listen to the digital "unplugged" by Eric Clapton, the detail of the acoustic guitars and the presence of his voice are wonderful. Bass is good, but I feel I need a little more of it. This combination seems to drift closer to the edge of tubes than anything I've heard; It even sounds good playing some of the Classical pieces I enjoy.

I have 3 things that I am working to correct:

My listening room has always had bass issues. The KEF LS50 Metas, Zu Omens all needed sub help and room treatment to sound acceptable. I'm thinking of getting one REL S510 to help and I am experimenting always with acoustic treatment.(dispersion)

I plan on using Dynamat on the horns, to quell vibrations the I hear at specific frequencies. 

Improving my Streamer.. maybe a Lumin U1 mini?

I've always felt I've understood peoples aversions to horns, or at least inexpensive more commercial horns, because I've had these feelings myself. However, this combination of SIT-3/Cornwall lV I'm convinced could be sensational with a little more fine-tuning.

I also have an older Supratek Sauvignon that I'm interested in inserting in the mix. I'm curious to hear the 6SN7's.

If you were looking for a conventional comparison review, I'll try to listen to both amps in the near future.

I appreciate your interest.

Finding pleasure in the madness of audio




If your Cornwalls are a flat 8 ohm load then try resistors on the speaker terminals to get it down to 4 ohms. The SIT-3 sounds best at around 4 ohm loads.

I don't remember which size resistors. Zu Audio would know and can make you a pair for your speakers.

I have Frankenstein Mk.II 300b mono's and a SIT-3 amp which I use with my Horning Eufrodite Ellipse speakers. I do like the 300b's better, but for SS amps they are really nice!

I have an analagous setup with Nelson’s First Watt clone Aleph J and Crites B speakers which I have enjoyed for several years now. Better than stuff costing 1000s more, collecting dust now :-(

I still have a set of the Zu resistors... thought they should be a different value


You can shoot Nelson Pass an email and ask him what would be best. 
He is very responsive and helpful. Maybe you are good without any because your speakers dip down below 8 ohms. You just don’t want them at higher than 8 ohms.