First Watt M2 versus F3

I've read reviews which claim the F3 is warmer than the F5 and the M2 is stated as warmer than its cousin amplifiers, presumably the J2.

How would the M2 and F3 compare?
I have used both amps with Silverline SR-17.5 speakers, which are above average in efficiency. My listening room was small, so I don't think the power difference was very important.

Basically, the M2 was rounder and a little fuller. To be honest, however, the F3 was a clear winner for me. It had amazing clarity within a generally warm sound. I had previously tried an F5 with poor results--fragile to the point of being brittle.

If they ever create a more powerful version of the F3, well, that would be amazing. I hope this helps.
Yes it does, thanks!
I'm a few years late to the party, but as I currently own both the M2 and F3 I wanted to record my thoughts for posterity.  Hooked up to Zu Defhead speakers with a Manley Shrimp preamp, I favored the M2.  The difference between the two amps was not huge to my ears, but I thought the M2 was a little more lit up in the upper range, like a good tube amp (which I also compared with).  The F3 sounded slightly darker, more veiled.  M2 had a little more pinpoint imaging.