first vinyl purchase for new tt


Just bought my first tt technics direct drive sl1210mk5g and will use it with my dartzeel preamp and amp. I have up to know a reference marantz cd player with 3000 or so cds and sacd.....any thoughts in jazz or rock on starting the vinyl lstening on my trip to AMOEBA
Steely Dan-Aja
Miles Davis-Kind of Blue
Bob Dylan-Blonde on Blonde
Any of the new CCR pressings
I would have to say Sarah Mclachlan "Fumbling Towards Ecstacy & The Freedom Sessions" double LP on 200gr vinyl. Both LP's are superb. I prefer the stripped down versions on "The Freedom Sessions" the best. Also, Peter Gabriel's first solo LP "the car". Also on 200gr.....nice...
How about those new Warner Bros. reissues on 180g remastered by Steve Hoffmann from the original masters? They retail at $24.98 which strikes me as reasonable.

Releases include "Moondance," James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James" and "Mud Slide Slim," "Tres Hombres," "Blue" (Joni Mitchell), "Rumours," Ry Cooder's "Jazz," Sinatra & Ellington's "Francis A. and Edward K.," and "Rickie Lee Jones" self-titled. Some are available now and some are available for pre-order.
Off the top of my head, the following Jazz line up is loaded with absolutely incredible musicians and fabulous music!
Just to name a few.
Oh yes ,and the recordings are all [ top shelf ] even with the reissues of today

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers...Lp Moanin

CannonBall Adderley, with Sam and Hank Jones ,Miles Davis and Art Blakey....Lp Somethin Else

Nat Cole...Lp After Midnight

Duke Ellington and Ray Brown....Lp This Ones For Blanton

Ella Fitzgerald...Lp Clap Hands Here comes Charlie

All of the above and below mentioned are available as new reissues.

Rock & Roll

The Who...Lps Who's Next and Quadrophenia

Creeddence ClearWater...Lp Bayou Country 45 RPM

Yes...Lps Fragile and The Yes Album

The recordings on these Rock reissues are good at best, all have quiet surfaces.
For British Rock may I suggest hunt down a first or early release on a British lable,the Beatles,Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Super Tramp ect. Most will astound you for a Rock recording.
They do exist in near flawless condition.

I think this is a good piece of advice. Buy music by artists you like. The "sound" takes care of itself if the music moves you.
The best sounding vinyl i've ever heard was Classic Records 45speed St. James Infirmary by Louis Armstrong.

Let us know how that Technics holds up through the dartzeels! What other tt's have you compared it to? Very interesting.
I'll take the road less traveled in the rock category and suggest suggest something besides classic rock. If your username is any indication, you're probably up for something different. Try Mission of Burma's "Signals, Calls, and Marches" reissue on Matador Records 180 gram RTI pressing. Mastered from the original tapes. Sounds brilliant. Also Matador's Pavement reissues and Stephen Malkmus's latest, "Real Emotional Trash." All 180 gram RTI.
Money is tight at the moment you choosing a Technics S1121 record player.
Most of us have been there.

This is your very first turntable?

I have similar electronics,in concept, ASR Emitter and Exclusive phonostage.

There is a whole new world of music reporduction waiting for you.
The music I suggested, NONE of the cd sacd counter parts come close to the vinyl original first release including todays new reissues.

According to the music sections in Hi-Fi +, TAS and me.
I have heard direct comparisons with a reference player.
Don't get me wrong, I like cd sacd, thats the way it is.

Also there is nothing like owning a top shelf recording of your favorite artist.

Good luck.
How about some Radiohead LP's? and AIR..JD
"Riding With the King", BB King & Eric Clapton.
"Supersession", Michael Bloomfield, Steven Stills, Al Kooper.

Both have fantastic guitar work.
I just got a copy of Eric Johnson's Ah Via Musicom. Very, very nice.
"Mutations" by Beck. . . great variety of music and sonics on one record. Available on heavy vinyl.
Alot of great ideas, I am curious how one goes from Dartzeel to Technics as it looks a bit mismatched?
To clarify thats not a bad table and I probably sounded like an ass but all the same when you see most pairings with such elite items from Dartzeel it stands out as it is not what you may expect. Radiohead and Tool come to mind.
How about:

The Beatles, 'Love'
Mary Gauthier, 'Mercy Now'
Norah Jones, 'Come Away With Me'
Willie Nelson, 'Stardust'

All are excellent!
I had a cartridge gaffe as in i got one that was recommended for the tt but mismatched for the dartzeel preamp so am now waiting for dl-103 moving coil denon cartridge to arrive before being able to have my first real vinyl experience in my listening room.

I picked the denon tt because many people here like it and its cost is very modest (budget + wife patience taxed) + recommended direct drive by my dealer jonathan tinn who of course sells perhaps the ultimate direct drive: well received grand monaco.
Lot of great ideas thanks
So far to test/ practice my first tt when the denon cartridge arrives is inexpensive stuff.much from the budget bin but for first two:

Sarah vaughan "no count"
Mingus "mingus dynasty"
Steve winwood "arc of a diver"
Traffic "john barleycorn"
Rickie lee jones "pirates"
Joe jackson big world
Frank sinatra she shot me down
Sám cooke live at the copa
Supertramp breakfastin america
Robbie robertson self titled
Oscar peterson thorough modern
World party self titled
Waterboys pagan place
Hard to go wrong with Steely Dan: Aja Std domestic ABC
Hugh Masekala: Hope
Elton John : Honkey Chateau
Aerosmith: Toys in the Attic
Fleetwood Mac: S/T or Rumors
The Doors: S/T, Strange Days, LA Woman
Eva Cassidy: Songbird
Joni Mitchell: Court & Spark
Jimi Hendrix : Axis bold as love
CCR: Willy & the poor boys
I know alot of people here, and everywhere else, love Aja, but IMHO, it has got to be the most boring and trite of all Steely Dan's work.

Joni Mitchell: Blue, Don Juan's.....
Fleetwood Mac: anything pre Buckingham/Nicks
Elton John: Tumbleweed Connection
Waterboys: Fisherman's Blues
CCR: none....

my .02
Metalllica is re releasing older albums on nice heavy vinyl.
lindisfarne is spot on. buy the tunes you really dig, and don't be concerned about the recording.
well i dont know what you like! Mingus "ah um" is a treat on vinyl. An orignal Television "Marquee Moon" is nice. The rca bartok reiner "music for stings, percussion and celeste is wonderful, but you know, this is all my taste. Lots of great sounding records out there that are great musically. My only advice is never buy a record just becau of the sonics. Buy the music.