First tube integrated amp

After many years' listening to solid states amps, I want to try my first tube integrated amp. It seems Primaluna is the way to go. What else you would recommend except for Primaluna? How much improvement would I expect from a tube integrated? Thanks.
budget, what speakers are you using, what kind of music do you listen to???
Check out RogueAudio Cronus.
How much are you willing to spend? That's the first important question to answer.
Less than $3000.
Would there be huge difference between a $1000 and $2000 or $3000 tube amp?
Used for under 1K the Primaluna PL2 is a good deal. I have had one for 3 years i bought used here and love it. Easy to use, great sound, responds to tube rolling, appears to hold its value.

But think about what speakers you will use before the amp.

I have gone through BW 602's ( now in an HT setup), Triangle Cometes ( nice sound and sold the for what i paid), and finally and the last ones i need at Reference 3A De Capos. Great dynamics and sound, works well with the Primaluna, and should work well with set amps my next move.

Rogue, Cayin, Manley, Cary all have nice tube Int Amps.
I use PSB synchrony One speakers and listen to classical music.
You might want check out Grant Fidelity. They have some Shuguang Treasure amps that look nice.

I decided to go with separates, but I checked with some professional reviewers and all like the Primaluna Prologue 2. I think they are on sale at Upscale Audio. With your budget, you could also get separates.

I use and really like Audio Space amplifiers. The AS-3i EL34 integrated lists at about $1400. There is also a larger integrated built around the KT88 tube for more money. And if you want a remote, the Galaxy 34 is a nice amp.
I have a PrimaLuna and like it very much. The Cary amps are good as well. I would not recommend the Rogue amps if you know you like the sound of the PrimaLuna's, the Rogue amps are quite a bit brighter - they are much higher powered in general.
If I was considering an integrated amplifier I would look at the Audio Research VSi60. It's about as good as it gets. If you are patient you will find one used in your price range.
You might want to take a look at the Antique Sound Labs AQ 1003. 30 watts EL-34. Nice sounding tube amp on the cheap.

Have fun.
Best way is the Cayin line. Prim and Cayin are in fact made by the same company. check out the full cayin line a cayinusa. Buy used, on 'gon' and get a great value. I have two of their integrates and a pre too. Very satisfied.
If you like or are willing to try vintage gear there is a McIntosh MA230 for sale on Agon for $750 obo and it has a MM phono board as well. It produces 30 watts which would make your 88 to 90db sensitive speakers boogie. You can buy a new cabinet from Audio Classics for about $200. I'd buy it if I had the extra $.
Primaluna and Cayin are made in the same factory but by different companies and with different design and parts.
Second on Rogue Cronus. If budget allow, go with the Magnum version.
If your willing to spend around $3000, I would highly suggest checking out a Manley Labs Stingray.

*******Dealer Alert---- I'm a Manley dealer****************

Really a very musical integrated that is very flexible with inputs/sub output/optional I-pod dock/one very cool RF remote/ etc.