First time mount perfect!!!

I have set up dozens of cartridges in my 40 years and Ive always had to tweak the alignment. Not this time!! I checked and rechecked and its dead on!!! The alignment gods are with me! Time to buy a lottery ticket! Forsome reason I had dreaded putting this one on because I'm such a perfectionist and shake a little. It was an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze retipped from Soundsmith. Has anyone else got this lucky? 
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never, but close 2 cartridges before last one. Check again you may missed something, cantilever, sra, weight.....
Since my Kuzma 4PT and SME 3012R both have removable headshells, I can usually replicate perfect cartridge/headshell geometry on the workbench under a large magnifier.  Slide 'em into the tonearm and good to go.   
Yes dgarretson with headshells you can make a mounting jig that will locate the cartridge perfectly every time. The only outlier is VTA which you still have to dial in. I have them for my Kuzma arms. I had to make two of them because the offset angle is not the same on all their 4 point arms. You can do it for fixed head shells but it is not as easy. I must say that given the time it takes to make a jig I can align 3-4 cartridges the old fashion way so unless you are a reviewer a flipping cartridges all the time it may not be a time saver.
I can set up Decca cartridges by eye but damned if I can get an ancient NAD 9200 right.
I’ve gotten that lucky.