First time buyer-HOW?

Hello, I am about to make my first purchase. How does one do this to minimize risk? I don't know anything about cod's, paypal, etc. what are the options? Your help greatly appreciated. Joe
Hi Joe, You should take look at the seller feedback, usualy this will tell the honesty but some will not because here at audigon they can play around with feedback system they can actualy leave good or bad feedback to one another without any transaction so B-careful! You should know the seller real email or even phone num. I'm buying and selling audio gears here at audiogon over 30 transactions only met one bad apple, who did not completed tranacstion( as-h?). What I'm saying is there are alot of good "Audiogonian" doing business with honesty and love of hi-end audio>>>>(hopefully you'll get the easy and fast transaction.) OK, COD is Collect On Delivery You will have to get cash or MO.( up on the seller request) ready when UPS/USPS?FED-EX arrive (MO 'll get to him or her quicker than cash) this way will make sure that you'll see the unit(box) first before you pay. is a service that once you register with them you can pay by cradit card thought them to the seller that already a paypal's member. This'll protect you some....I don't know how to tell you all about it please learn more at me both are OK. but for other they don't like paypal (They'll post comment soon,mmm I guess) HAPPY NEW GEAR<, GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL! Regards, Rute.
If it's too good to be true-- it probably isn't. You have to have good luck and be prepared to spend some money for "fix-up" in the event you got that great deal which wasn't such a great after all. Get phone # and call. I can't imagine why a seller would refuse to give you their phone #. That would indicate a problem.
A reputable audio dealer can help. Where do you live? There must be someone on Audiogon near you who can help. Stay away from Circuit City or any chain store where they will sell you anything to pay their rent. A good dealer will put no pressure on you to buy something NOW! A good dealer will help you get what's good for you, not what's good for their wallet.
If you are talking about first time buying on Audiogon the others advise is good.
yeh i agree w/ the other guys totally---home e mail adresses and please get their home number and address and talk live before a transaction-- i havent met a bad penny yet!(cross fingers)-feel the person out on the phone (in caracter) if they seem dodgy dont do it!
What exactly, or in-exactly, are you planning to buy? When you say that this is your "first purchase" it's more than a little bit fuzzy. Advice regarding risk and precautions is a relative thang... depends on what you are buying and what you are spending. One size do not be fittin' all.