First time Biasing tubes

When I'm checking the bias and adjusting the bias -- what is it that I don't want to touch -- my VTL manual talks about all of the high voltage lurking in the amp -- which suggests there are things I don't want the probe (or my hand) to make contact with -- but as a newcomer to tubes, I really am not sure what I'm trying to avoid doing in the process. Thanks in advance for your help.
Don't freak out.
The high voltages are inside the box.
There's nothing to be affraid of arround the bias probes as you will measure there only milivolts.
275mV in triode or 290mV in ultra-linear modes.
Rather than write a new thread, I thought I would just add to this one since I am a complete newby to anything electronic and need to set the bias on a Scott 222-D integrated amp. I will drop any pretense of pride right here - I honestly do not know what I am doing!

I have a volt meter and know where to touch the leads (though not sure which one I should touch to red or black). I see a bias pot, but there are other pots near it labeled "balance," and one very close to the bias pot. Could this be a second bias pot? Ugh. I mean it, I need real baby steps here - even what to set my volt meter too and which scale to read from. Thanks in advance!
In some of VTL models there's one extra bias pot which is called Master Bias that regulates the bias current on all of the tubes.
In some tube models designers would place an extra bias pot onto each PP pair of tubes to adjust them both and each one independedly.
The red color leads on your voltmeter should touch the bias slots and the black color lead should touch the ground or chassis. You may also connect the black color lead onto your ground binding post.
Thanks Marakanetz!!! - I think I get it now! There are two bias slots marked left and right and now that I think about it, the two pots I see may be actually be two bias pots - one for right and one for left. Does that sound right/possible? I was applying my voltmeter to both bias slots (duh!).
No it's NOT right!
Bias slots are ONLY for the RED lead of your voltmeter.
The black ground lead of your voltmeter should be connected to chassis or ground speaker binding post.
RIGHT and LEFT mards I assume are for master bias controlls for each CHANNEL to add more flexibility towards using unmatched tubes.
I'm not familiar with Scott amp and telling you from the general tube experience and knowlege of a major tube circuitries.
You should also know what bias level you should set according to manuals. You should use a milliVolt scale on your voltmeter if it's not digital with auto range.
Slowly vary the trim pots in order not to over or underbias too much.
Marakanetz - I actually understood you the first time, but did not make that clear. Two bias slots - connect red lead of meter to one, black lead to ground. Set bias. Repeat for other slot. Thanks!