First system-any thoughts?

I've had a sideline interest for a while, but could never justify the $$$. These components consist of 2nd hand items that were given to me or on permanent loan, or I purchased for a very low price.
NAD 5060 cd, B&O rx2, conrad johnson pv2ar pre-amp (with a bad buzz in the phono section), McIntosh 754 amp, running through newly purchased Monitor Audio silver 2.
I have about $1000 invested in the whole thing. It's all old but it sounds light years better than the Emerson boom box that I was using untill I could get all this stuff working together.
Any suggestions on what I could upgrade? I listen to all types of music.
Any tips on how I could fix that buzz?
Thanks for your expertise.
check the tube in the phono section of the CJ, it might have gone bad, or your "ground" circuit is broken somewhere.
good lineup for $1000.
I agree, great for $1K. However, you can do much better on the TT for not much $$. Music Hall, Rega, older Thorens would fill the bill, altho not much point until you get the phono section fixed. If its a tube, I would recommend getting new old stock (NOS) tubes; actually if the unit is old, you may want to retube the whole thing. Post tube complement and I'm sure you will get lots of suggestions; be sure you indicate how much you have to spend.