First subwoofer for a newbie.

Subs have me perplexed.... I can't seem to find what people think are clearly the few models to own. With blu-ray players, majority opinion clearly points to obbo products but yet I have not found as clear cut of a following with subs. Any thoughts? Budget is $500-$1200. I am open to used or refurbished. I am matching this up with PSB Synchrony Two B speakers. I would like a really tight bass and don't care as much about trying to rattle the house to the ground. I want my music to sound amazing, but also have a good home theater experience.

Thanks from a total newbie!
REL Acoustics
they have several lines to choose from.
REL subs have a following.
Don't buy those at the bottom of line if you can. And be careful if you buy used - some people drive their subs hard. Maybe the best option is to buy new for $1200 with full warranty.
HSU Research. If you live in Southern California, you can buy direct, save shipping and perhaps get a cash discount.

For 1200$? A pair of subs would work fine. I have the mk3 version of this sub and it is both musical and thundereous. A pair in even a large room would work well.
Thanks for the info... keep it coming. I think I left out a few key pieces of info...

My room is about 1700 cubic feet with carpet and one standard size open doorway. I have room and wiring in place for one sub. Floor space dimensions are 15" x 18". The 15" dimension is pretty firm.

What about Sunfire, B&W, Velodyne?
The PSB's would be a good choice. I find them very musical. At your price point they are tough to beat. *dealer disclaimer*
This database may be helpful:

Sound and Vision Magazine also has loads of subwoofer reviews and they take measurements as well. More up to date than the excellent hometheatershack measurements. Those are where I go to research subs. And from that research, the newer SVS models look very impressive, especially the Plus and Ultra models.
If you only have one place to put a sub and cannot move it around, I would suggest that you get one w built in equalization software (like the Velo DD series) or get an external room equalizer like the Velo SMS or the Outlaw ICBM. Room modes and bass response at those long wavelengths are VERY room dependent and the ability to tune it to the room is probably more impt than the actual sub (within limits of course).

If you want, give me a call. I've been a dealer for all the brands you mentioned, and still use some of them at home. I'm not the greatest at typing however. I can tell you more in 2 minutes, than I can typing for an hour. 715 923-6367.

Jump on it now newbie.
Buy The outlaw audio lfm-1 ex . Its on sale for 500.00 with free shipping . I brought the outlaw audio lfm1 plus . Love it great price sounds great . Dont let people tell a bunch of crap read the reviews .
A PSB from the same family as your speakers should work well.
Ignore naysayers...Used RELs can be a score! Usually if a sub works at all (demand a DOA return option) it works. Period. They are designed to not self destruct from being overly cranked. My REL Q150e was under $200 (over a grand new) because it had an easily replaced torn grill cloth...and it KICKS ASS and works perfectly. I suggest you tighten all the screws from time to time.
Since your looking for a value based subwoofer($500-$1200)give Epik a serious look. Epik subs have been successfully mated with Magnepans. Says alot about a value based subwoofer!!!
I like buying products from companies that only do one thing... They tend to get it right.. REL
Generally speaking, I agree, I think. I probably wouldn't want cd transport from Lamm, speakers from Rowland or turntable from Purist. However, some designers, I am sure, are fully capable of creating a few good things not just "one thing". They simply don't do it for whatever reasons.
Provided you have either separate preamp and amp or an integrated amp with pre-outs and amp-input jacks, consider a used Vandersteen 2Wq. I have a pair of them, but I added them one at a time, and even when I used only one, I got the kind of bass you are looking for. Tight, tuneful, deep and fast. Because of their unusual hook-up scheme, they blend easily with any main speaker that outputs bass down to 40Hz. Plus the "Q" factor is adjustable, so your bass can be tighter or looser, according to your preference.