First Sound vs Thor

Anyone had a chance to a/b these outstanding preamps? I have heard great things about both, and am looking for a preamp for my Berning ZH270. Thanks
I love my First Sound, but can't tell you anything about the Thor.
I had a first sound (now i forget the model! - presence delux mkII?) and opted for a counterpoint sa-11 (sound was similar.) that doesn't answer your question i know. you need to note which first sound your deciding between because there are big differences along with the big price variations.
I have owned both the Thor Audio TA-1000 preamplifier and the First Sound Presence deluxe MKll. Which model First Sound preamplifier are you comparing the Thor Audio with?
I hear the Thor TA-1000 with the TPA-30 and have been very impressed by both. I hav't heard the First Sound though so I'm afraid I can't be of much help here.
84: I can't really help you, but if the name of the gear means anything to you, Thor Audio sounds WAY "cooler" than "First Sound" : ) Sean
I dunno sean, 'Thor' scares me. i'd be afraid to call in if i had a complaint.
Kubla, from what I remember from their website, there was something or other about lack of returns or whatever(sorry for not remembering exactly). Coincidence? Maybe not...
As an additional side question. What do those of you who have owned the Berning think about using a pre with it? In my listening, it seems that(and I already know the Berning is a light speed jet of an amp and sounds great!),all amps benefit from great preamps. Now that makes a lot of assumptions about great interconnects and such. In general, who has tried it both ways?
Also,speaking of interconnects, Jeff Smith of Silversmith's note about being in Iraq, (dated Dec. 18,2002) is still up on his website. Is he ok? I pray he is, he's a great guy with awesome products.
Anyone know, please tell us if you do.