First Sound vs Aesthetix

How does the First Sound Presence Deluxe 4.0 MK II with Paramount upgrade stack up against the Aesthetix Callisto MK II Signature?
First sound, quiet and reliable. Aesthetix more of a euphonic sound. It depends what exactly your looking for in a system and what you would be mating with it as to which would be better.
"Quiet and reliable"...sounds like a girl you'd take home to meet the parents.

"More euphonic" you want the girl you intoduced to the parents to be when the lights go out.
Tvad: That is exactly why I own the Callisto Sig. And with a careful change of her tubes, she quiets down.
Yeah, my preamp is a lady when I first turn her on, but after she gets warmed up she becomes an absolute whore.
Leave it to Gunbei to clear up any confusion!

The FS is generally quieter although some have had positive results w/ changing the tubes on the Aesthetix. I recently did a comparison of my FS pres del-2 against the Calypso and besides the FS being quieter and perhaps slightly more detailed, I did not find the calypso to warm things up alot, although it did portray images as slightly rounder. I did not hear anything that made me want to change to the aesthetix.