First Sound Tube Preamp Owners some help please?

I have been looking for tube preamps and I am about to try a few in my system. I remember hearing the FS Dlx at a dealer some years ago and it bettered the Heron premap at that time. I really want a preamp with a remote but some of the ones I like do not come with remote.

Anyway, how does the preamp mate up with your amp and what other preamps have you compared yours to? Has anyone moved on to another tube preamp that they have liked better than the FS?

Thanks and Happy Listening.

I loved the First Sound, but moved on to a Supratek Syrah, which I prefer. The First Sound is quieter and is incredibly dynamic, but I believe the Syrah is more musical and a better fit in my system. You can't really go wrong with either--it's a matter of personal preferences on this level.

Good luck.
I own a FS Deluxe II and use it with a Bryston 14B SST. They sound great together. Having said that, I miss having a remote and balanced in/outs, and I would not discount trying something like a VAC Renaissance preamp with remote and balanced in and outs, although the VAC is substantially more money.
I own the Presence Deluxe MKI. All I can say is that it is a utilitarian design, that has been executed properly since its inception. I have used it with a McCormack DNA 225 and also with a Assemblage 300B SET amp with great success. The newer Deluxe MKII is supposedly a giant killer. Not too many tubes to mess with, only a pair for rolling purposes, the OA2s are factory spec. It is a different sort of preamp in comparison to others that have convenient things, ultimatedly, what wins the argument of having such preamp is whether you are willing to forego conveniences, which in the longer run are fleeting, in order to gain sonically. Talk to Emmanuel Go, he can discuss his products indepth. Such a nice guy to talk to, he ALWAYS answers the phone.