First Sound Presence Deluxe mk III upgrade?

Having sold away the musically outstanding Ayre k1xe over the superb First Sound mkII, the time has now come to consider the upgrade path to the mkIII. Has anyone perform the upgrade and will like to comment further? I cannot imagine how the First Sound can improve further.... Thanks for the advice.
I cannot imagine how the First Sound can improve further....

You are probably correct in this assumption,especially in the "dollar to improvement" ratio,but I'm just a know nothing skeptic. paramount mkiii started out 3 levels below its curremt position in the 9 linestage levels..every upgrade significantly improved on what was a great sounding preamp...was it worth the extra investment..? me it most certainly mr go and talk with him about your proposed next move..he is a wonderful gentleman and will give you the pros and cons of an upgrade...if you do decide to will not be unhappy...
I thought the cost was very reasonable. I had the Mk II for about three weeks, before deciding to upgrade. After living with the Mk III for several months, it has made me convert my 5 channel HT room to a primarily music room with occasional 2 channel HT. To be honest, I initially got the FS because I've always wanted to hear it and resigned to the fact that I may have to sell since I was in the process of moving to a smaller space. Now I can't bear to part with it. I'm still struggling to have to account for two outlets into the wall and no remote control but the sound is fantastic! Biggest difference between Mk II and MkIII for me was noise floor, which is hard to imagine since noise floor was already exceptionally low, but in my system it was evident right away.
Looks like I'll dive into it....but only after I've recovered from my purchase of the Pioneer many toys tomplay with.
Having just purchased a FS Presence Deluxe III, I must say it is the single most impressive piece of gear I have owned. I replaced the fine Doge 8 pre-amp and noticed an immediate improvement in every area of sound reproduction. Of course the FS costs 3 times as much and has no phono section, but its easy to understand now why the FS gear is held in such high regard. What a stunning piece of audio equipment. Never has the addition of one component made such an immediate and obvious improvement in my system.