First Sound preamp

I need a preamp to go with my Weiss Minerva Dac. RWA 70.2 and 101dB Zu Presence speakers.

I am looking for low noise floor, good inter transient, silence, blackness of background, Dynamic and a 3D image.

The FS comes to mind.

Tube or SS.

Wife would like a remote but I can live without one.

2K price range.
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You put your life in peril without getting a remote. A lot of people with am audio hobby really don't get the WAF issue. Without accommodating her suggestion, you tell her you don't care what she thinks. Given in to her suggestion will let you buy more and more gear. Enjoy the music.
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Does the lamm have a remote?
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It looks like you're currently using the RWA pre? You don't like it, I presume? It would seem to be the perfect match with your system.

Another line to consider is VAC. You can often find used VAC Standards in your price range. If you can stretch for a Renaissance series, even better.
The First Sound is excellent, if those traits are what you seek. It also has tremendous drive and power and is quite good at the micro-dynamic thing as well as macro (MAN, does it do macro!). Its 3D capability is excellent as well.
Have you tried the integrated volume control of the Minerva? What were your findings? Do you have more than one source?
I had a First Sound for a couple of years and agree with all of the praise above. I will add that it has a lot of gain and the volume adjusts in 2 dB increments, With your very efficient speakers, you may find yourself hanging out in the first few clicks (below 10 o'clock) and struggling to get the volume just where you want it.
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