First Sound & Jeff Rowland

I am looking to make the move from integrated to seperates and want to know if anyone has tried the First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk II with Jeff Rowland amplifiers? I am looking at his new model 201 that has yet to be released in large quantities, but was curious if any others with Rowland amps have tried this combo? Thanks for your help.
I purchased a First Sound Deluxe MKII from a user that was upgrading to the more $$ First Sound. He used with the Rowland mono blocks ( don't know model) and loved this combination. Hopefully he will see this post and add his comments.
I have a First Sound and have used it successfully with a Rowland Model One, though the Rowland is not my primary amplifier. Actually, the 201s really interest me too and I'd like to try them. I see no reason why it wouldn't be a great combination.
I tried a friends Sim audio w-5 Moon with a MK11 and it took us totally by surprise in its soundstage. It was a match made in heaven and gave us superb imaging and dynamics. I think the world of Emmanuel Go since he checked it out for the buyer before he bought it. I think his preamps are one of the best out there at any price. Take care Dennis