First pressings

So you have your dedicated lines,clean power, room treated,
isolation for all components,amps,cables,TT setup of all your dreams working together. Eveything is paid for and your wife is happy you didn't buy one item behind her back. There is one more, should I say, tweek left.

Your LP's. I have been into vinyl for some two yrs. and consider myself a growing rookie. One thing I have learned is that if I want the best sound from my system I must buy first pressings of LP's. (Yes some LP's like Speakers Corner do sound good.)

John Colrane Giant Steps black label vs. secound pressing with black fan. On my system it is a blowout with the first pressing. Same with Miles Davis 6 eye 1A/1A vs a later pressing. My Blue Note records, you know the one's, are to die for.

Most all LP's sound great on my system but there is a difference with the more desirable first pressings.

For those who buy $2.00 records you my be missing out on all the fun of the better pressings.

I have had great success buying on Ebay from those who have lots of good feedback. Record stores I find depressing as most of the good LP's are pick on and bought.

Are there any other places to buy used records other than Ebay where you can get the better pressings?