First Post- what not to do

Been lurking for a while and thought it would be instructive to start a post listing "what not to do" as relating to this hobby.
Mine---do not move CD player with discs inside.
Do not drink and operate your turntable.
Play volley ball outside when the music is playing.

Do not move heavy speakers with sharp spikes thereunder while barefoot
Do not unplug interconnects when amp and system is on.

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buy gear based solely on a reviewer's opinion, without listening first yourself.
Do not connect speakers directly to AC outlet. Just don't.
Do not listen to anybody on these forums ........

Don’t create posts with meaningless subject lines. For example: many subjects consist of just the name of a product or an item. 
Don't attach a cartridge to a head she'll with stylus in -take it out first!
Make sure your stylus arm lifter is set high enough to clear your heaviest record at lest 180 gram and accounting for warping. Don’t ask how I know. 
Do not ever come back to this site you've been warned
@ubderwaltzI am confused.  So I should not listen to what you just said?

"Do not seek the treasure"

Don't tug on Superman's cape, don't spit into the wind, don't pull the mask of the old Lone Ranger, and you don't mess around with Jim



Do not change interconnect cable or speaker cables while amplifier is on.

I blew the fuse while touching interconnect.

Somebody blew the amplifier while changing speaker cables due to short.
Do not leave purchase receipts lying around.
Do not chase detail and imaging at the expense of good sound.
Chase the best and warmest  tone at the expense of detail and imaging
Don’t plug into full line voltage if it hasn’t been run in 25 years.
Don’t let your maid---I mean cleaning woman, or housekeeper, or whatever you call yours (I've never had one)---dust your turntable.
Do not walk into the house with an armful of LPs/Cds if your significant other is there. 
Only lightly water any planted pots resting on top of speakers.
Don't buy a high priced 5 foot power cord when your outlet is 7 feet away.
Don’t go to an audio show with a usb thumb drive loaded only with Diana Krall and Jazz at the Pawnshop and ask it to be played in every room you step into.

If you don’t know how to load music onto a usb thumb drive, you should stop giving advice.

Your first 100 posts to the Audiogon forums shouldn’t be providing guidance or shilling a revolutionary new brand of cables from Minsk.
The first post from someone who is an authority on a subject should be offering that advice to anyone who can use it. We benefit only from those who share their wisdom, if in fact that wisdom is bonafide. 
Don't buy new tubes for your new tube amplifier before you even listen to it with the ones it came with.  
Don't let anyone use your turntable, unless they own one themselves.
Don't place your speakers where they look best and presume that's where they will sound best.
Do NOT under any circumstances ever ever get your fingers across the speaker field coil output of an old Wurlitzer vacuum tube jukebox!
Don't reverse the phase of your subwoofer while music is playing
Don’t let direct sunlight fall on your Maggie’s.
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Do not listen to anybody on these forums ........
Yep, nailed it back about 30 posts ago....
Don't make eight banalities your third post(BORING)!